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Customer Safety & Care is our primary focus when providing our chauffeured services. We have built our reputation by putting the safety and welfare of both our passengers and chauffeurs at the forefront of everything we do.

As a company built on customer loyalty, when a potential threat, such as the COVID-19 virus presents itself, we have a responsibility to act. We have taken the following steps to mitigate the potential spread of the virus across our entire business channel:

• Distributed updated training materials to chauffeurs and other employees highlighting CDC guidelines for controlling the spread of viruses.

• Stocked individual units of hand sanitizer in all of our vehicles for passengers to use and take with them.

• Supplied Clorox sanitizing wipes with instructions for chauffeurs to wipe down all shared surfaces after each trip.

• Enacted new emergency standards for vehicle cleanliness and disinfection protocols during daily and weekly upkeep.

• Established an executive committee to assure all of the above activities are fully implemented across our entire company.

• Please note, ALL customers are also legally required to wear face masks to enter the vehicle.

We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s assessments of the outbreak. We will keep you informed of any changes or updates to our services.